Did Jason Campbell leave Jenny Montes at the Altar?

Oakland Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell was set to marry his girlfriend of five years Jenny Montes, this past Saturday in Montes' home country the Dominican Republic. But the couple did not go through with it.

According to The Washington Post, the 162 wedding guests who had traveled to the Dominican Republic were informed of the ceremony's cancellation just hours before the event was scheduled to start. The guests were not told why the wedding was called off.

Rumors spread across the Internet as to why the wedding didn't happen.

Vibevixen.com reported that, Jason Campbell "stood [Montes] up just hours before the ceremony was to take place."

However, Campbell denies that he left his bride at the altar. As CSN's Kate Longworth tweeted, "Spoke w/ #JasonCampbell re: some 'wedding rumors' he denied leaving his fiancé at the alter [sic], saying it's not in his character to do that."

The Washington Post also countered Vibevixen.com's claim, reporting that Campbell texted friends, including a Post reporter, saying the rumors were not true, but rather calling off the wedding was a mutual decision between himself and Montes.

Campbell and Montes were not romantically involved for five straight years, but rather had an on-again, off-again relationship. The Post reports that the couple met in 2005 when Campbell was playing for the Washington Redskins, but they originally dated for just a short period of time. Though they remained close friends, it wasn't until Campbell was traded to the Oakland Raiders two years ago the two began their romantic relationship again.

The Post had scheduled a profile on the couple that was supposed to hit presses just after their wedding. Campbell and Montes were interviewed for that profile just two weeks ago. During those interviews the two spoke lovingly of each other, and there was little to hint at the upcoming wedding cancellation.

It is unclear at this point whether the wedding is completely cancelled, or merely postponed.