Did Jennifer Aniston Send Angelina Jolie Flowers?

Jennifer Aniston reportedly sent Angelina Jolie congratulatory flowers after viewing her latest film "In The Land Of Blood And Honey."

"Jen sent Ange flowers and a note telling her how beautifully directed it was. It's a sign that things are thawing between them," a source told NOW Magazine.

"Jen's so happy she thinks all her past heartbreak might have been worth it for her to have what she does now," the source added.

The actress' ex-husband, Brad Pitt, reportedly sent her a copy of the film which Jolie directed and in a bizarre turn of events Aniston commended her work with flowers and a note which some critics suspect could be an olive branch to settle their alleged feud once and for all.

In 2005, Jolie and Pitt sparked controversy after they were accused of having an affair while 48-year-old Pitt was still married to Aniston, which reportedly started the on-going feud between both actresses.

Despite having a number of failed relationships with a string of A-listers including singer John Mayer and actor Vince Vaugn, 43-year-old Aniston recently spoke about finally finding happiness in love which may have motivated her to forgive Jolie.

"[I'm] so happy," Aniston recently said in an interview on "CBS This Morning."

The former "Friends" actress has been dating her fellow "Wanderlust" actor, Justin Theroux, 40, since May and the couple are said to be heading closer toward marriage.

Also rumored to be headed down the aisle are Pitt and Jolie, 36, after recent photographs show what appears to be the construction of a large white reception hall that is being built on their southern France estate, according to Daily Mail.

"Brad and Angie have kept this quiet, and they're talking about how and when to announce it. They really get a kick out of teasing people with this whole thing," an insider told OK magazine.

"It's a place that they all absolutely adore. With the vineyards and the gorgeous wide-open spaces, they will really be able to create a dream wedding, right on their own property," the source says of their French property.