Dina Lohan Reality Show as a 'Drama Mama' Expert (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan's career isn't the only one on the up and up according to new reports- some claim Lohan's mom may also be trying out some new gigs.

Two new reports have stated that Dina Lohan is headed for reality television. The first reality show is to be about famous ex-wives in Hollywood, the second about making it on Broadway. Both reports question: what does Dina Lohan know about either?

Dina has already done a stunt in reality television, as the co-star of "Living Lohan" on an E! news reality series about Lindsay Lohan's family life. The newest reality show is called "Hollywood Exes" and will feature the ex-wives of Prince, Will Smith, R. Kelly and Eddie Murphy, according to TMZ.

"We found out Dina is shooting several episodes, but is not a full-blown member of the cast. Sources connected with the show tell us ... producers brought Dina in because she's friends with members of the cast and she can 'spice things up,'" the celebrity site reported.

It is questionable however, how famous of an ex-wife Dina really is granted that she was never married to a famous celebrity. Lohan was married to Michael Lohan, a former businessman on Wall St. with inherited riches, in 1985. The couple split in 2007 after a number of on again off again separations.

The second rumored reality show is apparently just getting on its feet, and will be called "DramaMamas." The show was described as a "yet unsold documentary-series that promises to chronicle the real-life journey of launching a Broadway-bound musical from "page to stage," while showcasing the incredible talents of our young performers and their DramaMamas, hovering not far behind," according to Celebuzz.

Again, Dina Lohan doesn't seem to know much about Broadway, although some can attest to the fact that she is definitely a drama mama who has constantly faced controversy for her parenting skills.