Director Darren Aronofsky Shares Why He Chose to Portray the Darker Side of 'Noah' (VIDEO)

(Photo: Paramount Pictures)

As the March 28 release date of "Noah" approaches, director Darren Aronofsky told ABC News how he chose to portray the personality of the titular character, played by Russell Crowe.

Some are taking umbrage at the film's dark tone that paints Noah as more of a soldier than any tellings of the Genesis account we've ever heard in church. However, Crowe pointed out that a certain type of man would witness what he did and still have the resolve to go on.

"This is a dude that stood by and watched the entire population of the planet perish," Crowe said. "He's not benevolent. He's not even nice."

In this ABC News video, Aronofsky also explains that Noah's actions after the Flood present a man struggling to deal with the apocalyptic upheaval around him.

H/T: Yahoo