Dirk Nowitzki Shaves Beard: Reveals "Food Caught...Weeks Ago" (VIDEO)

Dallas Maverick's player Dirk Nowitzki has parted ways with his overgrown beard, a symbol of his team's struggle this season.

Nowitzki and a handful of other Dallas teammates agreed in February when the team was 21-28, that they would not attempt to shave or trim their beards until the team was able to reach .500. Luckily an exception was made for trimming the neck, because it would be months before the players would be able to shave again.

Two and half months later, after growing an impressively grisly beard, Nowitzki shaved immediately following the teams 107-89 win over the New Orleans Hornets on Sunday night. Even before conducting post game interviews, Nowitzki buzzed his beard off in front of reporters.

"That shave felt amazing," Nowitzki told the ESPN after the Mavs' record improved to 40-40. "There was some food caught in there from a few weeks ago."

The player knew in February when he made the pact that the team would have a "long way to go." But that didn't stop him and other teammates including, O.J. Mayo, Vince Carter, Dahntay Jones, Chris Kaman and Jae Crowder from making the pact.

"I need a barber to get mine," Mayo, who typically sports a more trimmed beard, told ESPN. "I've got to go see Omar the barber. I might get too trigger happy."

It was Mayo and Carter who first thought up the pact to not shave.

But Sunday was about more than just shaving for Nowitzki, a 15-year-veteran on the team. During the team victory against New Orleans, Nowitzki also hit is 25,000 point scoring mark.

"This franchise has been a winning team for a long, long time and now the playoff streak is officially over, but we can still make it a winning season and feel good about ourselves going into the summer, feeling good [about] what we did with eight, nine new guys and me being out for so long," the player said. "I think we can still feel good about ourselves, what we've done since the All-Star break. We have a decent record, I think, after the All-Star break, so it's been fun the last couple of months."