'Dissidia Final Fantasy NT' News: 56 Trophies Will Be Made Available To Be Claimed

Trophies related to the story and collecting items featured in the game
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT official website'Dissidia Final Fantasy NT' is set to be released on Jan. 30

Aside from the challenges presented by the mighty warriors that reside within "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT," there are others that players can take on in their quest to become the undisputed champion of this fantastical realm.

Both Exophase and PlayStationTrophies.org recently put up lists detailing the many Trophies that can be obtained in this soon-to-be released fighting game, and there are quite a few of them.

Fifty-six Trophies are available, to be exact, and they vary in terms of how difficult they will be to unlock.

For instance, a few of the Trophies in the game are ones that players will likely be able to acquire just by going through the story. The "Storyteller," "Scrivener of Tales," "Seeker of Otherworldly Truths," "Keeper of Timeless Lore" and "Curator of Myths Immemorial" are all Trophies players can receive by unlocking certain amounts of memories directly related to the story.

Once players have recovered all the memories, they will be hailed as the "Archivist of Legendary Feats."

There are also "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT" Trophies that can be obtained by players who are diligent collectors of treasure. Players will want to collect treasure inside the game even if they are not Trophy Hunters since doing so will enable them to obtain a variety of useful items.

Other Trophies included are going to be tougher to obtain, especially for those who are not avid fighting game players. The "Hardened Veteran" Trophy in particular is likely going to be quite challenging since it requires players to win 300 ranked matches. The "Not a Scratch" Trophy will likely be difficult to unlock as well, since it asks players to win 30 ranked matches without receiving HP damage.

If players are somehow able to unlock 55 Trophies, they will then be rewarded with the Platinum Trophy which bestows upon them the title of "Champion of Champions."

Fighting game fans will be able to start working on unlocking those Trophies as soon as "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT" is released on Jan. 30.