Disturbing Clown Pranks Has Just Become a Police Matter, Getting Out of Hand According to Citizens' Complaints

The frenzy has gone worldwide
Reuters / Vincent Kessler

Clowns used to be kids favorite entertainers during a birthday party, but now, what once used to be an entertaining and jolly character has just become a source of anxiety for children and adults alike.

An infectious prank that's gone worldwide

Clown pranks have just become a world-wide frenzy as reports of clown sightings flooded the social media in different regions of the world. White face, bright, red lips, and a fixed menacing smile, individuals who are wearing clown costumes are roaming the streets, even the woods, all over the country that are starting to scare people out of their wits.

Their crazy, bone-chilling smiles are enough to make adults cringe; now pranksters just upped the ante by bringing and brandishing weapons such as an ax or a knife to their unsuspecting victims. From the United States, where the clown prank frenzy originally was first sighted, to United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other countries in Asia.

No laughing matter

In South Coralina, a report of a killer clown trying to entice children to the woods terrorized the whole area. It was the first time that the police got involved in a "prankster" case. While in the UK people being chased by knife-wielding, creepy-looking clowns were also reported. Some wackos even went to the extreme by deciding to stalk and scare kids who are on their way to school, needless to say, the children were traumatized.

"While we do not want to be accused of stopping people enjoying themselves we would also ask those same people to think of the impact of their behavior on others and themselves," Andy Boyd, Thames Valley Police, U.K. Superintendent, said through their Facebook page.

A prank gone wrong

This world-wide prank frenzy was also tried in the Philippines, but the prank backfired leading to the prankster getting beat up by a group of kids who are said to be high on solvents. Colloquially called as "solvent boys", these teenagers beat and robbed Vincent Ledger, 21, who was dressed as a killer clown and tried to pull a prank on them. It was a sad demise for a horrible prank gone wrong, but he really cannot fault them.

A Facebook page named  "The Clowns - Philippines" posted a list of key cities they said they are going to visit.

This crazy prank has already reached an alarming state. Private individuals are chased down by unknown men clad in a scary clown costume all for the sake of fun.