DJ Clue Arrested: Charged With Drug Possession and Driving With a Suspended License

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(Photo:Reuters/Mario Anzuoni)Music recording artist Sean "P. Diddy" Combs walks on stage to accept the Founders Award at the 24th annual ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) Rhythm and Soul Music Awards in Beverly Hills, California June 24, 2011.

DJ Clue has been arrested in New York City Wednesday morning.

According to celebrity news website TMZ, the Hip Hop disc jockey was arrested for "criminal possession of a controlled substance" and "aggravated unlicensed operator" driving, whatever exactly that last part means."

The report claims that DJ Clue was stopped and pulled over by cops in the morning for a routine traffic violation.

However, when the officer asked the musician to hand over his papers, DJ Clue's license revealed that he was driving while suspended.

That infringement led the officer to then search the vehicle, and when that inspection took place the police officer found three small pills, which were reportedly carefully wrapped in a piece of aluminum foil.

The officer then immediately arrested DJ Clue, and he was later charged with two counts of controlled substance possession and driving with a suspended license

DJ Clue hit the music scene when he released his first tape in 1990, "Clue #24", which was given that name reportedly in order for him to appear more experienced than he actually had been at the time.

Through the years, DJ Clue has built a following in the mixtape game, and he has become known for having exclusive songs not found on tapes by other DJ's.

One mixtape in the summer of 1994, featured two unreleased songs by The Notroious B.I.G. from his forthcoming album, Ready to Die, which drew the ire of not only B.I.G., but CEO of Bad Boy Entertainment, Sean "Puffy" Combs.

However, upon meeting Combs, DJ Clue established a relationship with Bad Boy Records, resulting in what would be his most popular mixtape at the time, "Bad Boy Mixtape Vol. 1", hosted by Combs.