DMX vs George Zimmerman Fight Officially Canceled

George Zimmerman's celebrity boxing match is officially canceled after strong protests over the bout.

Damon Feldman, the celebrity boxing promoter who sparked public outrage after he secured a fight between Zimmerman and rapper DMX, is calling off the match and apologized to those he offended by attempting to put the fight together in the first place.

"The George Zimmerman fight is canceled I'm sorry for anyone I hurt with this but this was a very big opportunity thank you," Feldman tweeted Saturday.

Zimmerman, 30, was a Florida neighborhood watchman who fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin - an incident that sparked widespread public outcry. After he was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges last year, a number of people have expressed their disdain for him publicly.

After Feldman announced that Zimmerman would fight DMX in a charity bout for his Celebrity Boxing company, close to 100,000 people signed a petition titled, "Stop the George Zimmerman Celebrity Boxing Match."

"We must not stand for this. We must not watch idly as Zimmerman is allowed to make a mockery of not just his victims and their families but society as a whole," the petition states. "This is not entertainment, but rather a shameful spectacle indicative of just how low we risk sinking as a culture if we allow ourselves to tolerate and worse, participate in, such an atrocious display of callous inhumanity."

It seemed the petition, Twitter comments and backlash from public officials like civil rights activist Rev Al Sharpton, were enough to halt the fight before it started. DMX's publicist, Domenick Nati, made a statement about the fight cancellation after the rapper was linked to the bout on multiple media platforms.

"Damon Feldman has announced that the George Zimmerman fight is cancelled via his Twitter," Nati said in a statement to The Christian Post. "As previously stated, DMX never agreed to the fight and we thank you for all of the support from DMX's fans. This situation will not affect any of DMX's upcoming concerts in America or around the world."