DMX vs George Zimmerman: Rep. Sets Fight Rumors Straight, Tells CP Rapper Is 'Still Undecided'

DMX's representatives are making it clear that he has not agreed to take part in the controversial George Zimmerman fight that is making news around the country.

(Photo: screen grab)DMX prays before Detroit show

Earl "DMX" Simmons, the 43-year-old rapper, has been linked to celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman's match against Zimmerman, 30. However, the fight has come under a great deal of scrutiny, causing the rapper's representatives to clear up rumors about the alleged charitable bout.

"DMX has still not decided if he will fight George Zimmerman or not, but there are reports he is considering this just to make money," Domenick Nati, DMX's publicist exclusively told The Christian Post. "If there were any money to be gained he would donate it to charity."

Zimmerman, 30, is known as being the Florida neighborhood watchman who fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, sparking widespread public outcry. After he was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges last year, a number of people have expressed their disdain for him publicly.

After Feldman announced that Zimmerman would fight DMX in a charity bout for his Celebrity Boxing company, close to 70,000 people signed a petition titled, "Stop the George Zimmerman Celebrity Boxing Match."

However, DMX's publicist says that Feldman announced the fight prematurely and in poor taste.

"It was very tacky for the promoter to release on what would have been Trayvon's 19th birthday," Nati told WBTV. "We're not in any way trying to you know hurt or offend the Martin family."

He explained how DMX has been connected to the fight with a person he insists is not a celebrity.

"This went from literally a reporter asking [DMX], 'Would you do this? And what would you do if you were in the situation,'" Nati recalled to ABC News 13. "And DMX fans know that he gets excited and shoots his mouth off. He's not going to answer any question the politically correct way. He's gonna answer how he feels."

However, Nati insists that the rapper is still undecided on the matter and is not seeking to glorify Zimmerman.

"DMX is a celebrity because he sold 30 million albums; George Zimmerman is famous because he killed an unarmed teenager," Nati told ABC News 13. " I think it's offensive and an insult to the family."

The celebrity boxing promoter Feldman caught wind of the backlash on his Twitter page and seemed open to rethinking his decision to promote the fight.

"Just want to thank everyone for the support and love I don't want anyone thinking I'm making a mockery out of the tragedy its entertainment," Feldman tweeted early Friday morning. "A lot of thinking to do this weekend."

Feldman will hold a press conference on Wednesday at 2 p.m. on the matter.