Doctor's Cement Injection Into Florida Woman's Buttocks Nearly Kills Her

An unidentified Florida woman nearly died when a fake doctor injected her buttocks with flat-tire sealant, mineral oil, and cement, then sealed her wounds with super glue.

The woman, whose name cannot be released because of medical law, paid $700, but was unable to complete the procedure because of the intense pain. After leaving, she found herself with pneumonia-like symptoms and infected sores on her posterior due to the toxic nature of the “fix-a-flat” coursing through her body.

It took visits to three hospitals over the course of a year before doctors could find out exactly what was wrong. Miami Gardens police managed to snag the suspect, transgendered Oneal Ron Morris, who had apparently tried the dangerous cosmetic procedure on herself as well.

Upon nabbing Morris, authorities were certainly shocked. “It’s not clear whether Morris was a victim of her own concoctions,” police told the Miami Herald.

Detective Michael Dillon worked the case for over a year, which was lacking in evidence due to the woman’s embarrassment; she declined to come forward, hiding what was done to her even from doctors at first. As her flu-like symptoms and abdominal pain increased, however, she found she had no choice.

“[The procedure] hurt to the point that she was screaming,” Dillon told The Herald, “[Morris] kept reassuring her that it was almost over.”

Morris allegedly told her victim: “Oh don’t worry, you’ll be fine. We just keep injecting you with the stuff and it all works itself out,” according to Medical News Today.

Morris’ own derriere is also unnaturally enormous, undoubtedly enhanced by a similarly hazardous process. Although Morris was caught and charged for illegally practicing medicine and bodily injury, she has been released on bond. It is currently unknown if she has legal counsel.

The woman, who is safely recovering from her ordeal, cannot work, and has a pile of medical bills with no foreseeable income.

The Florida woman’s case, although definitely bizarre, is unfortunately not the only occurrence of injury or death because of buttocks implants or injections.

Solange Magnano, former Miss Argentina, died November 2009 after getting shots of polymethylmethacrilate plastic, which subsequently entered her blood and caused a pulmonary embolism.

Other cases include a Las Vegas woman dying after being injected with gel in the back room of a tile store, and an English woman losing her life in 2010 while receiving buttocks augmentation in a Philadelphia hotel.