Documentary Explores Legacy of Gospel Hit 'God on the Mountian'

The beloved 1973 Gospel song "God on the Mountain" is the subject of a new documentary by NRB Network.

Don Dartt, producer and director of the documentary, titled "The God on the Mountain Legacy," and son of Tracy Dartt – who wrote the famous song – shared with The Christian Post his motivation for producing the documentary.

"I wanted to do this project to tell my dad's story and to connect it with the stories of the artists who made it a hit," he said. "The song has changed so many lives and in producing the film I discovered that each shared a common denominator – God's message of hope."

The project focuses on the history and the story behind the popular song by Tracy Dart, who is currently waiting for a kidney transplant and hoping to be on the road full-time in 2011.

The documentary includes commentaries from Tracy Dart and artists who popularized it, including The McKameys, Lynda Randle and Lily Fern Weatherford.

Troy A. Miller, president and COO of NBR Network, commented, "The song has touched so many hearts over the years. This special program is a must-see."

The song is estimated to have been recorded over 200 times in at least eight different languagesOther artists who have performed the song include Jake Hess, Jessy Dixon, Dixie Melody Boys, John Starnes, and many more.

The Dove-nominated song gained momentum in 1988 after The McKameys' live recording. It made the song jump to the top of Southern Gospel charts, making it the number one song for five consecutive months.

It is also known to be the most played song on the radio in the history of Southern Gospel music during its heyday.

The documentary is set to air on December 31 at 3 p.m. ET and January 1 at 8 p.m. ET.