Does the Bible Pollute Children's Minds?

Dear Editor,

In February of 2006, my son's recording of his geography teacher comparing Bush to Hitler – saying the people in the World Trade Center were legitimate terrorist targets, and that Jews were the real terrorists – received national attention and helped parents to understand what was really going on in some of their classrooms. But what happened to my son's anti-American teacher? Based on the punishment the biology teacher received for making innocuous references to the Bible, you would think that my son's teacher would be fired as well. Not exactly. My son's teacher received a one-week paid suspension, became a celebrity to the far left, and was put back into his class. So are we to conclude that in today's public education system a geography teacher comparing our president to Hitler is considered "challenging students to think," but any teacher using a biblical reference is "polluting children's minds?"

Heaven help the wood shop teacher that allows a student to make a cross in their class.

Jeff Allen
Aurora, Colo.