Dog Buries Puppy: Video Goes Viral as Dog Performs Compassionate Burial (VIDEO)

Dog buries puppy
A dog has buried a puppy in s video that has gone viral on the Internet. |

A dog has buried a small puppy that it found dead in a dusty ditch somewhere in the Middle East. The footage of the dog burying the puppy was caught on video that has now gone viral on the Internet.

The clip shows the dog sniffing a puppy that is motionless, laying in the dirt, and realizing that it is dead. The dog then does something extraordinarily compassionate that has stunned viewers across the world - it starts to bury the puppy.

The dog starts to cover up the dead puppy by using its muzzle to transfer nearby dirt over the corpse. Very meticulously the dog moves around each side of the dead puppy pushing the dirt up over it, ensuring not to leave any part of the puppy uncovered.

After three minutes of burying the dead puppy, the black and white dog walks off from the scene.

It is unknown whether the dog was the mother of the dead puppy or not, but according to some reports the location of the incident was in Iraq.

As the camera pans back it is shown that a number of men are standing nearby watching the extraordinary burial.

The video has stunned viewers across the world, and many have praised the dog for its compassionate instincts.

"Bless that dog," posted Carolbehm54 on YouTube under the video.

"So sad. Breaks my heart. But very touching to see the mother dog bury her deceased puppy :'(," added Willr1976.

Some people criticized the men who were seen on the side simply watching the dog conduct the burial without doing anything. However, LiznDiesel posted a defense on YouTube: "I can't blame the person for watching/recording this. This dog obviously wanted to bury the puppy so why if they tried to stop the dog and bury the puppy themselves, that dog might attack."

Here is a video of the amazing burial:

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