Dog Comes Back to Life Moments Before Buried (VIDEO)

A dead dog has reportedly “come back to life” moments before being buried, in what some are calling a miracle.

A Yorkshire Terrier Shih Tzu puppy was reportedly hit by a car, and was thought to be dead. However, despite being apparently dead for a whole day, the day after being hit and just before being buried the puppy came back to life.

The McKinlay family from Washington, who owned the small puppy, has testified to the miracle.

On Dec. 3, the puppy escaped from his enclosure and was subsequently hit by a passing vehicle, and showed no visible signs of life. The family had to let their young grandchildren know about the tragic accident, in an incident ready to blow the wind out of their festive holidays.

The following day the family moved to bury their dead pet, but found him sitting up alive and apparently in good health.

The McKinlay family told reporters, "We just said miracles happen, and maybe we were wrong and maybe because everyone was sad and praying, maybe God decided to let him live."