Dog in Car Grille Claimed by Owner After Surviving Miraculous Journey (VIDEO)

A dog who survived a shocking car ride, after being hit in the middle of a busy street at 40 mph, was claimed by its owner on Tuesday.

The small white dog, believed to be a poodle mix, is also a mix of lucky and unlucky. A driver who was travelling 40 mph struck the female dog last month. William Muggle, an Animal Control worker, told reporters that the driver claimed to have braked when he saw the dog run in the middle of the road, but kept driving after he saw the dog was nowhere to be found.

The driver was under the impression that the dog had simply escaped the accident until another driver caught his attention some 11 miles later, according to the Taunton Gazette. The second driver pointed out that that the dog was trapped in the gate of of the black Toyota.

The dog was then rushed to the East Providence Police Department, where officers called Animal Control. As a team, the group removed the dog transported her to East Bay Animal Hospital, where she was stabilized. Apparently unable to provide her with the care needed, the dog was transported was again, this time to Bay State Emergency Clinic where she was held overnight.

And now the dog is fine, according to workers, although her owner has yet to be found. Vets believe the dog may have suffered a concussion and possible rupture to the bladder, but she has since recovered and appears to feeling back to her old self.

"We took (the dog) to an emergency clinic, and now she's actually doing fine, crazy enough," Muggle said. "She's a good dog."

The dog, whose name has been unveiled as Suzy, was claimed by its owner on Tuesday and they read reports of the incident in the news. They call the incident a "miracle."