Dog Lost in Virginia is Found in California 8 Years Later

A Virginia dog, thought to have been permanently lost, after she went missing eight years ago has been found nearly a decade later at a Northern California animal shelter.

According to The LA Times, the dog called “Petunia” went missing eight years ago when she was just three-years-old. Despite an extensive search mission her Virginia farm owners never saw her again after she went missing around Thanksgiving 2003.

However, in an amazing turn of events Petunia recently turned up at an animal shelter near Sacramento, California.

Officials at the animal shelter scanned a microchip found in Petunia, and that lead them to a vets across the country in Virginia. The vets immediately contacted Petunia’s owners to tell them about the unlikely but greatly welcomed news.

Following a photo match-up to confirm Petunia’s identity, the California shelter is now trying to arrange for her to be transported back to her owners for an amazing reunion some time in the coming weeks.