Dogshaming Latest Trend: Dog's Naughty Habits Posted Online With Guilty Photo (VIDEO)

Dogshaming is the latest trend for the owners of naughty dogs who can now have the peace of mind that they are not alone.

The phrase actually refers to a website called, which depicts a number of naughty dogs with their offenses listed. Dog owners can visit the Tumblr blog site and then upload a photo of their naughty dog alongside a sign which states what has made the dog naught.

"I like to French Kiss the baby," one very large black dog reveals on his sign.

"I purposefully loiter by the apartment doors of dogs I don't like until they bark at me so I can bark back without getting in trouble," another dog sign reads while the dog gives a sly look at the camera. "I am a criminal mastermind, no?"

Of course while putting the dog to shame hasn't done much to improve behaviors, owners seem happy to share their stories, if not slightly relieved that they don't have the only naughty dog out there. It is believed that the site was begun by Chris Mohney, the editor and chief of Tumblr, although due to its popularity it has since switched hands.

The site doesn't work for all people though. It appears that some dogs would rather not have their photos posted online along with their dirty little secrets.

"The last time I tried this with my dog he just growled," Riley joked on the Yahoo blog. "Then he proceeded to eat the note that read of his bad behavior."

Others joked that their dogs might actually like the attention too much.

"I thought about it," Dennis admitted. "But my dogs would simply do more crazy things to increase their fan base."