Donald Lawson of Lapeer, Michigan: $337 Million Powerball Lottery Winner

Donald Lawson of Lapeer, Michigan was revealed to be the lucky lottery winner of $337 million Aug. 15- the third largest Powerball jackpot ever. Friday, during the press conference, he said all his new millions won't change him.

Donald Lawson, the Lapeer, Michgan railroad engineer, did change one thing as soon as he won, though: he quit his job. He immediately called his boss and told him he wouldn't be making the night shift- ever. The 44-year-old man doesn't plan to change too much, though. The first thing he bought proves that.

"A pack of bubble gum," Lawson told a reporter who asked him about his first purchase after discovering his riches. Lawson opted for the $224 million lump sum, which after taxes came to $158 million.

"I'm a millionaire now but I'll still eat at McDonald's. I don't like filent mignon," he joked.

At the press conference, Lawson's picture was taken with a big check and Lottery Commissioner Scott Bowen, who put the Arkansas native's name on it. The numbers were 06-27-46-51-56, and the man claimed "something from above" guided him to pick the lucky numbers.

"Does that come tax free?" Lawson kidded. "My name goes there."

He was overwhelmed, however, when he first found out he won. The Powerball lottery winer- recipient of the largest prize ever in Michigan's history- kept moving the ticket once he found out he was the winner. The publicity sparked recognition in his hometown.

"Everyone just started coming to the house. [I put the ticket] on my Bible. I put [it] under my couch. It was on top of the refrigerator," he explained.

Still, besides his aspirations to help his daughters go to college, take care of his family, retire, and travel, he said he will budget.

"This money won't last forever if I don't budget it right," he admitted.