Dottie Sandusky, Jerry's Wife, 'Still Loves Him'

Despite his being found guilty of child molestation, Dottie Sandusky has said that she still loves her husband Jerry.

"I love my husband," maintained Dottie speaking to members of the media in Bellefonte, Penn. on Thursday, according to the Centre Daily Times. "He's not who they say he is."

Bellefonte is just miles from Penn State, where Jerry Sandusky served as an assistant football coach under Joe Paterno. The defense coordinator remains in jail awaiting sentencing after his conviction last month on 45 charges of molesting 10 boys. The 68-year-old faces a minimum of 60 years in prison for his crimes.

Dottie Sandusky has stayed by her husband since the charges against him first arose in November. She posted bail for him, and attended court proceedings by his side. Dedicated to her husband, Dottie even issued a statement saying Sandusky was innocent of child molestation and that his accusers were lying.

Last month during Sandusky's trial, Dottie testified that she remembered most of the men who told the jury that the coach had abused them, but denied knowledge that Sandusky had ever behaved inappropriately with them as boys.

She also said that the basement she shared with her husband was not soundproofed, disputing one man's testimony that his screams were unheard when Sandusky assaulted him.

Moreover, she described some of the accusers as "clingy" around her husband when she knew them, while another was "charming," according to the Associated Press. Nearly all of the accusers would stay overnight, according to Sandusky, and her husband "would tell them good night," she said.

Meanwhile, Sandusky has long denied the charges, claiming to have never acted inappropriately with the boys he took to their home. He did, however, acknowledge that he showered with the boys.

Prosecutors say Sandusky abused some boys in his home, while other incidents took place on Penn State's campus.

The former football coach headed "The Second Mile," a charity for troubled young boys in the state of Pennsylvania. The organization has been preparing to cease operations since Sandusky's guilty charge of child sex abuse.