Dougherty Gang: Sister Admits 'I Deserved to Get Shot'

Lee Grace Dougherty, the oldest sibling of the “Dougherty Gang,” told police after her capture Wednesday: “I deserved to get shot.”

“I pointed the gun at the cop,” Lee Grace, 29, told the Colorado Bureau of Investigation agent, according to an affidavit.

On Thursday, a Colorado judge ordered the trio held on $1.25 million bail each. Lee Grace and her brothers, Ryan Dougherty, 21, and Dylan Dougherty Stanley, 26, potentially face attempted murder and first-degree assault charges against a peace officer, said Bobbi Griffin, district administrator for the 10th Judicial District, in a written statement.

Lee Grace told officials that Ryan was driving during a high-speed chase before their car crashed and Dylan was shooting at pursuing officers and their vehicles with an AK-47, the affidavit stated.

“We weren’t trying to hurt anyone; we just wanted them to get back,” Lee Grace Dougherty told authorities after her arrest.

She added, “They were way back, and we could barely see them. We were getting shot at, then we wrecked.”

FBI Agent Christian Mohr inserted a note in affidavit that said police never shot at the Doughertys, “No shots were fired at the vehicle and she may have mistaken the sounds of the tire deflation device they ran over.”

The three fugitive siblings, known as the Dougherty Gang, are wanted for a crime spree in which they allegedly shot at a Florida police officer and robbed a bank in Georgia.

Police took the siblings into custody Wednesday following a 100 mph car chase that ended in a crash and shootout in southern Colorado. The trio crashed their car after running over the tire-puncturing stop-sticks troopers laid on the road.

Lee Grace got out the car and began shooting at police. She was shot in the leg by authorities – the injury was not life threatening.

“Instantly, I let go of the gun,” Dougherty told the FBI after she was arrested. “The pain was all through my body.”

Lee and one of her brothers were captured immediately after the crash, but the second brother tried to run away. According to police, he was quickly apprehended.

According to the affidavit, authorities took two assault rifles, a submachine gun, and a handgun from the crash scene.