Douglas Feldman Execution to be Carried Out Today in Texas

Douglas Feldman is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection at 6:00 p.m. today in Texas. Feldman was convicted of two charges of capital murder for killing Robert Everett and Nick Velasquez in 1999.

According to the Texas Attorney General, Feldman was riding his motorcycle when Everett, driving an 18-wheeler, passed him and pulled into his lane. Everett missed hitting Feldman by inches, and Feldman quickly became enraged. He pulled out a gun and fired numerous shots into the back of the trailer, then pulled alongside Everett and shot him directly, killing him instantly.

After that incident, Feldman went back to the scene to ensure that Everett was dead. During that time, he saw Velasquez filling his tanker truck at a gas station, and shot him twice in the back.

Gawker conducted an interview with Feldman after learning of his situation, and Feldman noted that "most of the public is so far removed from the death penalty that it is really only a curiosity for them, like a morbid celebrity event. People have a lot of interest in murders, who were the victims, why were they killed, who was the killer, what were the circumstances, etc."

"Rich people and crafty people are better equipped to evade the death penalty. You might call death row 'Losers Row.' There are plenty of examples of people who got away with murder for years and years because they were devious, cold-blooded, sociopathic and they covered their tracks well enough to avoid detection. So the death penalty, just like life, is not fair," Feldman wrote to Gawker.

He then lists things that he would like before dying, including $200 so he could buy magazines and photos; LSD; "pretty girls and attractive women to send sexy photos," and a subscription to "The Horse-Backstreet Choppers" magazine.

Feldman has an extensive criminal history, going back as far as his youth. On July 2013, the Board of Pardons and Paroles met but did not recommend clemency for Feldman, and his execution will be carried out today.

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