Downhere's Marc Martel Speaks of Rediscovering God

"Let me rediscover you" are the words that Canadian-born band Downhere sings not only in their current single "Rediscover" but also in their prayers.

With many years in ministry and being in church, one may be tempted to wonder if there's anything new to learn about God.

BREATHEcast recently interviewed one of Downhere's two leader singers, Marc Martel, about this subject, the upcoming album, and more.

“Let Me Rediscover You” speaks of knowing God in a new way and being in a fresh place in God. How did this song come about?

Martel: "Rediscover" is currently my prayer. I think it's something all believers can identify with. I grew up in the Church, a pastor's kid. So getting comfortable with thinking I know all I need to know about God is a trap I sometimes fall into. That said, this prayer was written not exclusively for believers. We all approach God with our preconceived notions, as pure and as humble as our intentions may be. This is a prayer of humility in seeking the true God and expectation that He will continue to reveal himself in our lives more every day.

What encouraging words can you offer to those who have fallen into a stale place in their relationship and are in need of a fresh rediscovery of God?

Martel: Well, the good news of the Gospel is that God is the instigator of our relationship with Him, and not the other way around. He has sought me out and chosen me. Staleness in our relationship will happen from time to time because one of the people in this relationship is a sinful human being. So that's normal and expected. I know that when I've reached that complacent place with God, it's not too long before I notice a deep longing in me where I really miss Him, and the newness I once felt with Him. That alone is proof to me that I belong to Him, and when I'm not spending time with Him, things are just not right. His Spirit is always calling out to his children, inviting us into the amazing journey that is life with Him. I would encourage those people to listen to that longing and not let it die out.

Tell us about the album. What sets this one apart from the others? Is there an underlining theme? 

Martel: On The Altar Of Love (OTAOL) is musically a continuation of the last two albums. Thematically it follows Ending Is Beginning perfectly. That was an album about coming to the end of yourself and finding that God meets you at that very place. The new album picks up where we left off. Sort of saying, "So I've come to end of myself… now what?" This is our most joyful record to date. We've stayed away from any sort of finger pointing and gone back to the basics of our faith. OTAOL is full of songs that explore the newness and freshness in realizing that knowing God changes everything.

It was mentioned in one of your blogs a while back, that there have been five kids added to your families since your last album. With touring and the demands of the industry, how do you all balance family life?