Dr. Conrad Murray Verdict Reached on Michael Jackson Death

The verdict on the Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray trial has been reached and is expected to be announced at 4 p.m.

As Michael Jackson fans gather around the Las Angeles court chanting for a guilty sentence, the jury will announce whether Dr. Conrad Murray is to be held accountable of involuntary manslaughter for giving the pop icon a fatal dose of propofol.

The defense is arguing that the singer gave himself the lethal dosage while the cardiologist was away from the room, and that the doctor cannot be held responsible for Jackson's actions, who had been struggling with drug-related problems before hand.

The persecution, however, is insisting that Jackson had placed his trust in Murray and that his negligence has deprived the singer's children from their father. A guilty verdict could send the cardiologist to prison for up to four years, and will likely result in him losing his license to practice medicine.

The jury, which is comprised of 12 members, deliberated on their decision through Friday and Monday morning. More than 300 pieces of evidence were considered, and 49 different witnesses were questioned, including other physicians and people who knew Murray both professionally personally.

Murray declined the opportunity to stand on trial and give his version of the story, but will now appear before the jury and listen to their decision along with the rest of the world.