Dr. Oz Sued: Rice Footsie Caused Third Degree Burns, Man Claims (VIDEO)

A 76-year-old New Jersey man has filed suit against Dr. Oz, stating that the advice offered to him caused third degree burns.

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(PHOTO:Facebook/Dr. Oz Show)

Frank Dietl, older brother of celeb private eye Bo Dietl, suffers from diabetes. His condition often leads to a lack of feeling his feet. During a 2012 episode, Dr. Oz suggested the idea of putting rice in a pair of socks and heating them up in the microwave.

"Simply pour rice into your socks, heat them in the microwave until they're warm, then wear the socks for up to 20 minutes while lying in bed," a Dr. Oz article advises to help get a restful night of sleep.

Dietl states in the lawsuit filed against Dr. Mehmet Oz that he followed the doctor's advice and placed rice in the sock. He then microwaved the socks and put them in on his feet before falling asleep. The next morning, however, Dietl claims that he woke up with third degree burns on his feet.

"What upset me was that Oz should have had a disclaimer for people with neuropathy,'' Dietl told The New York Post

The Oz site explains that the treatment works by altering the body's core temperature.

"To a get a good night's sleep, your core body temperature must drop slightly in order to enter a restful sleep phase," the site reads. "The heated rice footsie diverts blood to your feet due to the heat, which in turn cools your core, allowing you to get your Zzzs all through the night."

Tim Sullivan, a show spokesman, noted to the Post that he hadn't seen the specific complaint.

But, Sullivan added: "We stand by the content in our program as safe and educational for our viewers.''

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