Dr. Pepper 'Evolution of Flavor' Ad Draws Criticism

A recent Dr. Pepper ad, called "The Evolution of Flavor," posted on the soft drink's Facebook page is being criticized by creationists, who say it seeks to support the scientific theory of evolution.

The ad – which features an ape which, after drinking Dr. Pepper, turns into a man – appeared on the soft drink's official Facebook page Thursday afternoon, and it had generated 28,500 likes and more than 5,200 comments, some of which vow to boycott the drink, by Saturday morning.

"Humans did not evolve from Chimps, but do share a common ancestor... So, actually this ad is NOT scientific...," commented John Haydon. "I love Dr. Pepper but hate this photo," wrote Kara Duran, "Forget evolution... Jesus all the way!"

Leigh Devereaux, on the other hand, wrote, "I don't drink this soda, but I'm going to 'like' it because you are standing up for science... And fun." Responding to other comments, Michael Spears said, "A lot of proof in these comments that there is no 'intelligent' design!"

The ad was also posted to the social news site Reddit's sub-section or subreddit devoted to the discussion of atheism. Within hours after the ad appeared with the remark, "Dr.Pepper just posted this on their Facebook and are already receiving backlash from Christians for promoting evolution," it rose to the site's front page. By Saturday morning, it had received 26,617 up votes and 23,770 down votes.

However, some on Facebook said the ad should not be taken seriously. "*sigh* no where on it fellow christians (yes fellow, meaning i am too) did it EVER say they they think evolution was how we were created," wrote Elizabeth Robinson. "It was an ad. something funny to be laughed at. just laugh at it and quit making pagans pissed at us over something so silly.."

Last year, another campaign for Dr. Pepper Ten, a low-calorie soft drink, sparked criticism for being sexist toward women.