'Dragon Ball FighterZ' DLC News: Anime Music Pack Release Date, Content Detailed

(Photo: Bandai Namco Entertainment)A screenshot of Goku Black from "Dragon Ball FighterZ."

One of the downloadable content (DLC) packs coming to the highly anticipated fighting game "Dragon Ball FighterZ" is the anime music pack.

This DLC will be packaged with the Ultimate Edition bundle of the game along with the commentator's pack, but it will be available separately on March 1, which is almost a couple of months after the title's launch.

As the name of the "Dragon Ball FighterZ" DLC suggests, it will feature soundtracks throughout the anime history of the long-running series.

There are a total of 11 songs from the 1986 anime "Dragon Ball," the 1989 follow-up "Dragon Ball Z." and the 1996 hit "Dragon Ball GT."

To no one's surprise, the opening and ending theme of the original anime titled "Mystical Adventure" and "I'll Give You Romance," respectively will be included in the pack.

"CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA" and "Come Out, Incredible ZENKAI Power," the first ever song opener and ender of the second anime based on the manga series will be included as well.

Its second opening and ending themes "WE GOTTA POWER" and "We Were Angels" will be bundled in the "Dragon Ball FighterZ" anime music pack too.

The DLC will even throw in the "Dragon Ball Z" episode recap and title card music, the background music tracks "A New Hero is Born" and "The Fearsome Ginyu Special Force" and the Bardock TV special insert song "Solid State Scouter."

Last but not the last, "Dragon Ball FighterZ" pays homage to "Dragon Ball GT" with the addition of its opening theme "Bit by Bit, You're Charming My Heart," to the fighting game.

All these tracks will play in the background as gamers explore the game and engage in some epic throwdowns in the style of these anime in the battlefield.

The "Dragon Ball FighterZ" commentator's pack, on the other hand, will be released separately on April 15.