'Dragon Ball FighterZ' News: Ultimate Version of Gohan Provides a Dazzling Display of Power in the Latest Character Trailer

Game also includes younger version of Gohan
YouTube courtesy of Bandai Namco Entertainment AmericaUltimate Gohan inside 'Dragon Ball FighterZ'

Fans of the "Dragon Ball" series have been able to watch Gohan grow up in front of their very eyes, going from an energetic and curious kid to a responsible and caring adult. In a similar fashion, they have also seen how much he has grown as a combatant, and soon, they will even be able to play as the Ultimate version of Gohan in "Dragon Ball FighterZ."

Recently, developers released a new trailer showing off the older and significantly more powerful version of Gohan.

For those who may not be too familiar with this character, they may be curious as to why his so-called Ultimate form is quite different from the one that Super Saiyans typically feature.

According to the Dragon Ball Wiki, the reason why Gohan's Ultimate form looks different is because it is the result of undergoing Old Kai's Unlock ability. His potential is fully tapped into in this form, and there is no need for him to turn into a Super Saiyan.

In the trailer, fans can see a dark-haired version of Gohan who, at first glance, may look unimpressive compared to the other powerful characters featured in the series and in the game.

As Gohan quickly shows, though, his seemingly ordinary appearance should not take anything away from the fact that he is one heck of a fighter. His strikes are crisp and on-target and he moves so quickly that it is hard to evade them.

Ultimate Gohan looks particularly intimidating when he starts charging up his power in "Dragon Ball FighterZ," as a bright white aura begins enveloping him.

Gohan has also not forgotten about those special techniques he learned as a kid. In his Ultimate form, these techniques look even more destructive than before.

Notably, the younger version of Gohan is also included in the game for those who want to try him in battles.

Ultimate Gohan, younger Gohan and the other members of "Dragon Ball FighterZ's" roster will be made accessible to fans as soon as the game is released on Jan. 26.