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'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 92: An Exhausted Buu Falls Into a Deep Slumber; Goku Recruits Fan-Favorite Villain to Take His Place?

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 92: An Exhausted Buu Falls Into a Deep Slumber; Goku Recruits Fan-Favorite Villain to Take His Place?

An unforeseen twist forces Goku into a desperate decision on an upcoming episode of "Dragon Ball Super." | YouTube/Toei Animation

The preview for the upcoming 91st episode of the anime series "Dragon Ball Super" has already hinted at an unfortunate twist that's about to hit Universe 7's participants in the upcoming Tournament of Power. And now, it seems that the team's upcoming predicament is more than just a passing problem.

In the official promo for episode 91 titled "Which Universe Will Survive?! The Strongest Warriors are Gathering!!" Goku's voice over sounds shocked over something bad that's about to happen to Majin Buu. The preview does not show any hint of what's going on with the pink heavyset alien.

However, a series of episode synopses translated by Twitter user Herms98, may have just revealed the reason behind Goku's panicked cries. In episode 92 aptly titled "Emergency! We Don't Have All 10 Members!!" it seems that Buu may completely be out of the game. It turns out that the hyper-eager alien has overworked himself while preparing for the upcoming tournament and has consequently fallen asleep. Unfortunately, when Buu falls into this kind of slumber, nothing at all can wake him up for the next two months.

This does not bode well for Universe 7, who may have to go to war with one missing member, unless Goku can, by some miracle, manage to recruit a quick replacement for their fallen fighter.

As it turns out, episode 93 will eventually find Goku making the desperate and potentially risky move of trying to recruit one of his most vicious past adversaries, Freeza. The team does not approve of said move, which could put them in more dire straits than getting wiped out of existence. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and Goku will go against everyone's advice and ask Fortuneteller Baba to resurrect Freeza from Hell. The villainous alien's new life will, however, only last for 24 hours.

Will Goku make the right choice by asking Freeza to join his team? Will Freeza even agree to this arrangement without making demands of his own to begin with? What kind of chaos will Freeza be bringing to the Tournament of Power, where killing anyone is strictly against the rules?

"Dragon Ball Super" airs every Sunday at 9 a.m. JST on Fuji TV. Episodes can also be streamed online via Daisuki, AnimeLab, FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.


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