'Dragon Ball Super': New Episode to Introduce Vegeta's Baby Daughter

The recent episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" featured seemingly endless rounds of exhibition matches. In the upcoming episode, the anime will gear up for its brand-new story arc and will introduce the second child of Bulma and Vegeta.

Facebook/OriginalNewDBZSeriesPromotional photo for "Dragon Ball Super"

When the series entered the Universal Survival story arc in February, the episodes revolved around Goku being suspected as a wolf in sheep's clothing. The story arc has been of great interest to fans, particularly because of its different take on the Saiyan hero.

In the recent episodes, Goku made every effort to prove to everyone that he is not a villain. In the upcoming episode, he will continue to try to win their full trust and save the multiverse; however, he cannot do this without the help of his allies.

Spoilers for the upcoming episode suggest that one of Goku's strongest allies, Vegeta, will not be quite ready to help out his friend yet. The Prince of Saiyans will reportedly get a bit hacked off by the fact that the Tournament of Power is still rolling, and his plate will be quite full the moment Goku asks him for help because his wife will have just given birth by then. The episode is set to introduce Bulla, Bulma and Vegeta's second child.

In "Dragon Ball Z," Bulla was already a grown-up. In next week's episode of "Dragon Ball Super," fans of the anime series will get to meet her again but not as the adult that she was in "Dragon Ball Z" and "Dragon Ball GT." As the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super" shows her beginnings, fans will catch a glimpse of Bulla as a baby.

The preview for the upcoming episode shows the half-Saiyan baby Bulla with thick blue hair and wide eyes, just like her mom. In the teaser, Vegeta is shown gently swaddling her daughter as Goku comes to him for help.

"Dragon Ball Super" airs Saturdays at 8:15 p.m. EDT on Crunchyroll.