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'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Goku Convinces Master Roshi, Tien to Join His Team

'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Goku Convinces Master Roshi, Tien to Join His Team

Goku will help out Tien Shinhan in the upcoming episode of "Dragon Ball Super." The synopsis for episode 89 reveals that Goku will do everything he can to convince his friends to join his team for the martial arts tournament where the fate of Universe 7 is at stake.

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Based on the synopsis, Goku will try to recruit both Master Roshi and Tien at the same time. As he does, a stumbling block will come his way.

The official synopsis for the episode reads, "Goku goes to scout Turtle Hermit, and asks Tenshinhan since he's there as well. However, there's some sort of trouble going on at the dojo Tenshinhan is running?!"

According to, the trouble that Goku will run into involves a beautiful young woman named Yurin. She is reportedly too beautiful for Roshi to resist.

Since Roshi's attention is too focused on Yurin, Goku will find it hard to recruit him. Rumor has it that she will also cause some trouble in the training studio of Tien.

In the upcoming episode, Goku will seek out his ex-mentor and will be in for some surprises along the way. As the Saiyan pays a visit to Master Roshi's place, he will learn from Oolong that his former mentor is at the dojo that Tien has just opened. Just when he is about to come up to Roshi, Yurin will appear to make the recruitment process a little harder for him.

While episode 89 has yet to air, fans know that Goku will end up convincing Roshi and Tien to join. The Omni-Kings will officially kick off the Tournament of Power soon and Goku is pressured to complete his team, especially since Universe 7 is at risk of being annihilated in case they lose.

"Dragon Ball Super" airs Saturdays at 8:15 p.m. EDT on Crunchyroll.


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