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'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 91: May Episodes Reveal Return of Infamous Antagonist

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 91: May Episodes Reveal Return of Infamous Antagonist

A promotional image for "Dragon Ball Super." | (Photo: Toei Animation)

Details about the next batch of "Dragon Ball Super" episodes set to air in the following weeks have been uncovered, teasing some epic showdowns that fans would not want to miss.

Minor plot details about future episodes of "Dragon Ball Super," provided by anime insider Todd Blankenship, will be discussed below so fans are advised to read at their own discretion.

As revealed before, viewers will be treated with a battle between Gohan and Goku in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 90, "Facing the Wall That Must Be Overcome! Goku vs. Gohan," airing May 14.

This installment will mark the beginning of the Tournament of Power. Led by no other than Son Goku, the ensemble set to defend Universe 7 has been determined.

The group wastes no time in preparing for the competition so Goku decides to do a practice match. He teams up with Tien to take on his son Gohan and Piccolo in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 90.

Their battle will carry over to "Dragon Ball Super" episode 91, "Which Universe Will Prevail?! The Mightiest Warriors Assemble!" airing May 21.

In this installment, Gohan will prove he has what it takes to hold his own against his father, which goes to show that he has made quite the improvement and is clearly the strongest he has ever been.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 91 will also see Vegeta do his own training for the big day using the Hyperbolic Time Chamber at Dende's lookout palace.

In "Dragon Ball Super" episode 92, "Emergency! We Don't Have All 10 Members!" airing May 28, the Universe 7 team will encounter a problem.

Buu will no longer be able to take part in the tournament after he falls asleep. He won't wake up until after a couple of months so the group will have to find someone else. Goku, however, refuses to give up.

This is why in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 93 titled "You're the 10th Warrior! Goku Visits Frieza!" airing June 4, the hero turns to an unlikely individual to complete the team.

Goku realizes that Buu will not be able to be part of the tournament and so he suggests having Frieza instead. Everyone is against the idea, but Goku goes ahead and asks fortune teller Baba to resurrect Frieza from hell for just a day.

Clearly, this could go south if the tyrant finds a way to stay alive after he does what he is brought in to. This could pose problems for Goku and friends in upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" episodes.


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