'Dragon Quest XI': Devs Detail 'Restricted Play'

'Restricted Play' can make playing 'Dragon Quest XI' more difficult
YouTube courtesy of Square Enix'Dragon Quest XI's' 'Restricted Play' feature can turn fights with normal enemies into extremely challenging encounters

"Dragon Quest XI" will challenge players by pitting them against powerful enemies, asking them to navigate large dungeons and urging them to collect all kinds of things. However, if all that is not enough, then "Restricted Play" is still an option.

As its name suggests, "Restricted Play" enables players to still go through the game, but with some features made unavailable in order to make things more difficult.

Previously, developers revealed that one restriction that can be activated in "Restricted Play" is one which prevents players from being able to use the shops in the game. This restriction may force players to be even more conservative when it comes to using items or else risk running out of them during a boss fight.

Another restriction players can choose to activate is one that will make it impossible for them to run away from battles. Couple this restriction with the first one, and players may find themselves consistently having to struggle through each and every battle as they do not really have an alternative.

Now, developers have revealed that there is a third restriction available in "Dragon Quest XI."

According to a recent report from Gematsu, the third restriction is one that will prevent players from equipping pieces of armor.

Being unable to equip any kind of armor means that players will be even more vulnerable to the attacks from their enemies.

Combine all of the restrictions, and it is easy to see how "Restricted Play" can turn even routine enemy encounters into truly challenging ordeals.

It is unclear if there may be other restrictions that can make things even more difficult for players.

In related news, it was also revealed that the new RPG has gone gold.

"Dragon Quest XI" going gold recently means that it will likely be able to meet the July 29 release date set for it inside Japan.