Drama Series Based on King David Slated to Be 'Epic Mafia Show in Biblical Clothing'

A new show, "King David," is currently being developed as a one-hour series drama that will showcase the biblical figure King David through a dark perspective as a man who becomes involved in making "monstrous" decisions at the expense of his family and personal beliefs.

The series is being pitched as "an epic mafia show in biblical clothing," by film distributor Atmosphere Entertainment and Entertainment One, which produces and distributes the AMC network show "Hell on Wheels" and internationally distributes the network's "The Walking Dead."

"Over the years, I've had a penchant for developing cutting-edge dramatic properties with historical roots and broad audience appeal. 'King David' fits that bill," said Mark Canton of Atmosphere, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

So far, the show is in the early stages of development and both companies have yet to disclose which network it will air on.

"King David" is just one of a slew of faith-based entertainment shows slated to air on cable television. Earlier this year, "The Bible" series aired on The History Channel, garnering the attention of millions during its 10-part series. Currently, NBC is working on airing its sequel, "A.D.: Beyond the Bible," while 20th Century Fox is set to release the show's film adaptation, "Son of God," in February 2014.

According to award-winning screenwriter Andrew Klavan, Hollywood is finally recognizing the need to cater to Christian families.

"Hollywood is a business. They're going to go where the money is. But there's something deeper going on," said Klavan, on "The Steve Malzberg Show" hosted by Newsmax TV.

Klavan's movie credits include "True Crime," "Don't Say a Word," and "A Shock to the System." He noted that a prime example of the shift occurring in Hollywood entertainment is the space thriller, "Gravity," that was released in theaters this Fall, starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.

"It's not just a very fun adventure film with spectacular special effects and excellent acting, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. The movie is about God . . . It's right there in the movie in the dialogue," said Klavan.

He continued, "Just the fact that a movie with George Clooney, a reliable liberal voice, and Sandra Bullock, who is not as reliably liberal, did so fantastic at the box office and is so cutting-edge technically, was telling a very simple story of reclamation and salvation, is a sign of the change that's trickling down."

In addition, Hollywood is gearing up to embrace yet another flick aimed for Christian audiences with the slated release of  "Heaven Is For Real," starring actor Greg Kinnear, which follows the true story of a Nebraska boy who experienced heaven while undergoing emergency surgery.