Drew Barrymore Adopts Puppy with Fiance

Drew Barrymore and her fiancé Will Kopelman have adopted a puppy together.

Drew Barrymore revealed that she and her fiancé adopted little Oliver on an episode of "Ellen," which aired Wednesday. Although she only rescued the puppy earlier this week, the actress already holds a special place in her heart for her special four-legged friend.

"He looks like a bear," Barrymore cooed. "He looks like a tiny little bear. I can't even handle it."

Ollie, who is only eight weeks old, was lucky- his last home was that of "Twilight" star Nikki Reed, who held him for a short while, but couldn't keep him.

Before that, the young pup was abandoned in a box in Los Angeles. Barrymore told host Ellen Degeneres about how Ollie and his brothers and sisters were found.

"He was a rescue dog. He was found in a box with his brothers and sisters outside of East Valley Shelter. And, this place on Fairfax … they help foster the dogs and try to get them loving homes," the 36-year-old disclosed.

The happy couple didn't rush their decision though, according to the owner. They were very patient in picking a pup to complete their soon-to-be family.

"They were really thoughtful and not impulsive about making the decision," store owner Shannon von Roemer told People magazine. "Drew, being such a huge dog fanatic, was great to Will. She really wanted him to feel it out and make the decision."

Although Barrymore was lucky to find a dog she immediately loved, she felt Ollie was probably more lucky to be picked up by such a well-to-do couple.

"I think Ollie has hit the jackpot," she told Ellen.

The entrepreneur also discussed her love for her beau, what makes her engagement to Will different than her other marriages- this will be Barrymore's third marriage, as she was married once at 1994 and again in 2001.

"He has this incredible family. I am as in love with his family as I am with him … It really is an absolute blessing," said Barrymore.