Drew Peterson Verdict Brings Sense of Relief for Savio Family

It took jurors just 14 hours to find Drew Peterson guilty of the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. The verdict was unanimous and brought a sense of relief to Savio's family.

"Finally, someone heard Kathleen's cries. Those 12 people did the right thing, thank God," Marcia Savio, Kathleen's stepmother, told reporters. The family has had to endure years of speculation and a 6-week-long trial but finally received a verdict they could accept.

Kathleen Savio was found dead in her bathtub, which was completely dry at the time. Authorities reopened the case after Peterson's fourth wife went missing; unfortunately, she remains missing but is presumed dead.

"The defendant in this case was a coward and a bully, and when Stacy Peterson disappeared in October 2007, we reopened the file on the death of Kathleen Savio. It was obvious to me- it wasn't an accident. He was a thug," Illinois State Attorney James Glasgow told ABC.

Peterson could serve up to 60 years behind bars for the murder of Savio, and there is the possibility that police could eventually charge him for the disappearance and murder of Stacy Peterson, who disappeared in 2007.

"We are going to aggressively review that case with an eye towards potentially charging him," Glasgow explained.

That news brought some hope to Stacy's family, who has maintained that Peterson killed Stacy after she learned potentially damaging information about his career as a police officer.

"This man always thought he would get away with it- one time, two times. I don't think he ever faced reality and that's why he did it twice. Today he is facing reality. Stacy's case is next. No matter what, he still has to pay the price for Stacy," a family spokesman stated.

Peterson is currently being kept in the medical unit of the jail he has been in since being charged. The sheriff explained that Peterson could be in danger if placed in general population due to his history of being a police officer. He is expected to be sentenced in late November and will be moved to the larger state prison.