Drive-Thru Prank Video Garners Millions of Hits; Creator Quits Job (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube/Screenshot)Rahat Hossain, 24, of Newport News, Va. plays a prank on local drive-thrus by pretending to be invisible using a car seat costume.

A 24-year-old magician of Newport News, Va., recently garnered millions of hits on his YouTube video in which he films himself tricking fast food employees into believing a ghost is driving his vehicle.

The prankster has garnered so many hits for his YouTube videos that he has reportedly been able to quit his day job and live solely off the video revenue.

Rahat Hossain, 24, formulated the magic trick of creating a car seat costume which completely conceals him when driving his car, enabling him to appear invisible when he pulled up to the delivery window of a fast food restaurant.

Ergo, the video which Hossain recorded shows the reactions of fast food attendants who are confused as to why it appears no one is driving the vehicle which has just pulled up to the window.

Since it was uploaded to the video sharing website YouTube on Jan. 8, Hossain's video has received more than 10.4 million views, making it a viral sensation.

Critics contend the most priceless moments of the 3:42 video are when the fast food employees voice their reactions to seeing a car without an apparent driver.

"Am I trippin', son?" one employee at a McDonald's asks herself before telling a coworker to "Instagram that joint."

Another confused employee stares at the empty driver's seat, then turns away, then stares at it again, appearing to question his own judgment and sanity as he peers at the car.

Hossain, a student at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va., told ABC News that the car seat costume took him about 12 hours to make and matches the color of his car's seats perfectly.

"I was sitting there shaking, because I had no idea how this was going to turn out," Hossain told ABC News of the first time he tried the prank at a local Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

Hossain has developed multiple YouTube videos of him performing pranks at fast food restaurants, which can all be found filed under his YouTube channel "Magic of Rahat."

The 24-year-old student told ABC News that he plans on pursuing magic as a full-time career and has made so much revenue off of his YouTube series that he was able to quit his job at Domino's Pizza.

Watch the "Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank Video" posted on YouTube: