Driver Dangles From Overpass for an Hour, Drunk (VIDEO)

A 38 year-old driver was found hanging off of an Oregon highway on Saturday after crashing while under the influence.

Matthew Alan Hamilton was rescued by firefighters on after he rammed his pickup over a Beaverton highway. The incident left his truck dangling several feet above ground before members of the fire department used a ladder equipped with a basket to free him from his vehicle, according to The Associated Press.

Hamilton was arrested for driving while under the influence and will be taken to jail, according to local police, after he is released from the hospital. He reportedly suffered non-life threatening injuries from the accident.

The local papers reported that Hamilton's pick-up was prevented from going over the edge by his back wheels, leaving only the front end of his vehicle dangling.

The accident did however, clog traffic for the next few hours while officials attempted to free the truck with the use of a crane. No other details were released about how the crash occurred. According to an ITN Broadcast, Hamilton was left dangling for over an hour before he was rescued by the fire department.

According to the Oreginian, Hamilton had a blood alcohol level of .50 percent, more than six times the legal limit. Hamilton was also charged for driving with a suspended license, which was taken due to a previous DUI charge.

Locals appeared to have a strong reaction to the report.

"Pretty obvious that he doesn't think rules apply to him, or that he's better and smarter than most. Wonder if his parents ever put him on time out," one user wrote on the Oreginian blog. "Maybe the state should do some parenting."

"Thankfully nobody was killed, including Hamilton himself, while he was out driving drunk," another user added. No other additional injuries were reported after the incident.