Driver Tweets Her Hit and Run, Police Now Investigating Crime

Emma Way is now under investigation after tweeting about a hit-and-run incident involving a cyclist. Her tweet led to the authorities being contacted, who have promised to fully investigate the matter.

"Definitely knocked a cyclist off his bike earlier – I have right of way he doesn't even pay road tax! #bloodycyclists," Way tweeted.

That specific tweet was re-tweeted more than 300 times, Yahoo! reported, and elicited angry responses from cyclists and everyday citizens. Eventually the Norfolk police department received the tweet and sent her a surprising reply.

"We have had tweets ref an RTC with a bike. We suggest you report it at a police station ASAP if not done already & then dm us," the official Twitter account said.

Way deleted her Twitter account immediately, but the damage was already done. She eventually came forward and apologized in an exclusive interview with ITV Anglia News.

"It was a spur of the moment thing and I'm sorry. I didn't realize it would ever escalate to this," Way said.

She has been formally interviewed by Norfolk PD, but at this time there is no information about what charges they may bring against her. Thankfully, the victim, Toby Hockley, was not seriously injured. He told that he only wanted an apology from Way.

"I was riding on a country B-road with a friend, and descending a hill on a blind right hand corner. I was sticking to the left as the corner was blind. A car came round in the opposite direction, going much too quickly to make the corner safely," Hockley told road. "It missed the rider in front of me but hit me; my right leg caught the front right win. I was thrown up onto the bonnet, I hit the side of the windscreen and the wing mirror."

"Myself and my friend burst out laughing when we finally came to a stop, more out of shock than anything else. You count your limbs and carry on," Hockley added.

"Please be assured that this not a view held by the firm, and we most certainly do not condone this behavior," Way's employers said in a statement. "We are taking the incidents very seriously, and a full and detailed investigation will be carried out and appropriate action taken. We have already spoken to Norfolk Police."