Drum and Bass DUI: Man Defends Erratic Driving - 'Intoxicated' by Drum and Bass Music

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(Photo: Reuters/File)A policeman uses a laser speed trap gun in this file photo.

A so-called drum and bass DUI has come to light this week, after a man stood in court charged for erratic driving. However, the man claims that that he had not drunk any alcohol but rather was simply "intoxicated" by the drum and bass music he was listening to in the vehicle at the time.

Aaron Cogley was arrested in the United Kingdom after police suspected he was intoxicated when they saw him driving erratically.

Authorities have described that his car was weaving in and out of traffic in a dangerous manner, and at one point cops worried that he was about to hit another car before her suddenly swerved at the last moment to avoid the other vehicle.

Police officers quickly decided to pull him over, expecting him to obviously be intoxicated.

They pulled Cogley out if the vehicle and then proceeded to give him a breathalyzer test to determine his blood-alcohol level and confirm he had been driving under the influence.

However, the breathalyzer surprisingly registered a zero count for alcohol in his breath.

The puzzled officers then questioned Cogley about why he was driving so erratically if he was not drunk.

Cogley then explained that he was listening to some amazing drum and bass music and had gotten carried away. He added that he was "in a hurry" but that his erratic driving had been because of the influence of the music.

The driver's lawyer has defended him saying, "It was stupid. He was carried away because of the intoxicating effects of drum and bass music."

The judge in his case was not impressed, and suspended Cogley's license for a year as well as ordering him to complete a stint of community service as well. The sentence has led some online commenters to jokingly suggest that maybe the judge was not a drum and bass fan himself.