Drunk Driver With Zebra and Parrot Arrested

Drunk Driver With Zebra and Parrot Arrested

A man and his girlfriend in Iowa took the idea of treating pets like they are children to a new level when he was arrested while a zebra and macaw parrot rode in his truck.

Police in Dubuque stated that 55-year-old Jerald Reiter was traveling with his unusual domesticated animals in the front seat of his truck when police stopped his vehicle as he was leaving the Dog House Lounge, a popular local watering hole, according to KCRG.

As reported by local media, Reiter who was also with his girlfriend, Vickey Teters, who explained that they often take their animals on joyrides and like to treat them as if they were their children.

The couple, who went to the bar on Sunday night, said that they took the animals to the bar because the establishment is known to let people bring their animals inside the bar.

But Reiter claimed that the owner told him that they were serving food that night and he was not allowed to have his pets join him for a drink.

The bar owner later told KCRG that he has never allowed any animals in his business. When Reiter was taking the two animals back to his car other patrons were already taking pictures with them.

After he put the animals back in his truck he and his girlfriend left and police- who Reiter believes were called by one of the people in the parking lot- pulled him over soon after he left the lot.

Police arrested Reiter for driving under the influence and he was taken to the Dubuque County Jail. He does refute the charges, stating that he realized he was too intoxicated to drive and was about to pull over and let his girlfriend drive.

Records show Reiter was released from the Dubuque County Jail May 21, 2012.


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