Drunk Governor? Massachusetts Governor Got 'Quite Drunk' After Tsarnaev Capture (VIDEO)

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(Photo: FBI.gov)19-year old Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dhokhar Tsarnaev in this undated FBI photo.

Getting drunk may not be the usual behavior expected of state governors, but Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has admitted that after the surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect was captured, he went to a restaurant by himself and got "quite drunk."

Democrat Gov. Patrick made his admission while conducting a visit to a Cambridge marketing firm this week.

He was explained his relief that Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had been captured after a massive manhunt on April 19.

Patrick had ordered for an order to be given in Boston that day to lock down massive parts of the city as hundreds of police hunted for the suspect at large.

The governor knew how controversial that decision could have become if they had been unable to find Tsarnaev by the end of the day, and especially if it emerged later that he had already escaped the Boston area completely.

The lockdown saw residents across the city told to remain in their houses, lock their doors and windows, and not to open their homes up to anyone except authorities, who would clearly identify themselves.

As the day wore on the search proved unfruitful and the lockdown was being lifted when suddenly in the early evening Tsarnaev was found hiding in a boat in a local Boston resident's garden.

His capture sent a wave of relief over the entire city, and indeed America, but not many were as relieved as Patrick.

The governor has now described how he went out to the Rouge restaurant in West Stockbridge and got "quite drunk" while finally eating a meal after a tense few days following the horrific Boston bombings.

Maggie Merelle, co-owner of the restaurant, has told the Boston Globe that hosting the governor that evening had made her feel like a "mother feeding him." She explained, "We just wanted to nourish him."

Here is a video news report with Gov. Patrick speaking during the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects: