Duchess Kate Curtsy, Blood Before Love: Kate Must Take a Bow

Duchess Kate Middleton has been ranked by none other than the Queen herself, who has updated the list of who comes above who.

Kate Middleton is apparently more worthy of respect when she is in the presence of her husband Prince William- or so says the Queen. Queen Elizabeth recently updated the Order of Precedence list, which ranks where the different royal ladies stand by a sort of chain of command.

"Precedence determines the seniority of members of the Royal Family at official events and is influenced by a variety of laws, and by custom and tradition," the official site of the British Monarchy explained. "Precedence among members of the Royal Family at private events is a matter for The Queen's discretion."

The updated list will require Kate Middleton to curtsy before the Princess Royal, Princess Alexandra, and the daughters of the Duke of York, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. However, the rule also stipulated that the same women must curtsy to Middleton when Prince William is present, the Daily Telegraph reported.

"Updating the Order of Precedence has been a simple matter of following the precedent set when the Prince of Wales married Camilla Parker Bowles," a courtier explained to the Telegraph.

The Queen did not release any statement regarding her decisions, however; a spokesperson told the Telegraph that it was a "private matter."

Some suggested the issue was a matter of girl rivalry within the kingdom.

"Kate is the best she will always be a step up from those silly girls! She is who she is and thats what made the prince love her," Rock102133 wrote on the Huffington Post blog. "At any rate she does not have to PROVE anything to those girls. They are just girls being jealous!!!!!"

The list was last updated for a similar reason, according to most sites.

"The Order of Precedence was last updated in 2005, when Princesses Anne and Alexandra had the queen rework the rules so they wouldn't have to curtsy to Charles' second wife, Camilla, when he wasn't present," the Huffington Post stated.