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'Duck Dynasty' Family Partners With Local Company for New Line of Coffees

'Duck Dynasty' Family Partners With Local Company for New Line of Coffees

The "Duck Dynasty" family is teaming up with a Louisiana-based coffee company to produce two unique "Duck Commander" roasts.

The Lafayette-based coffee company Mello Joy will be rolling out its two new "Duck Commander" flavorings later this summer, beginning in August. The coffees will include a dark roast and a medium roast, as well as a cappuccino and a hot chocolate.

Mike Gregory, president of the Mello Joy coffee company, told The Daily Advertiser that his company will initially sell the Duck Commander flavors in major grocery chains such as Costco and Wal-Mart, before focusing on online sales. Gregory added that the coffee company will not initially sell the Duck Commander coffees in restaurants.

 "We will sell it on our website and the Robertsons will sell it on their website but initially we will be focused on selling it through grocery stores rather than onlin," Gregory said.

Willie Robertson, CEO of the Robertson family's Duck Commander duck call business and star of the A&E reality show "Duck Dynasty," added in a statement that when the Duck Commander brand decided to launch a coffee roast, it "searched for the best coffee and chose Mello Joy Coffee right here in Louisiana."

"It is exciting to have these two iconic Louisiana brands come together to create something new."

The Duck Commander brand was started by the Robertson family patriarch Phil decades ago as a small duck call company he ran on his own property. Now, the brand as exploded into a multi-million dollar business selling duck calls, along with books, hunting gear, church curriculums and clothing, among other merchandise.

The Duck Commander brand has previously put its name on a line of shotguns, rifles and pistols by partnering with the gun company Mossberg. It also signed a licensing deal with the Florida-based Accuform Signs to create Duck Dynasty-inspired workplace safety signs.

Accuform CEO Wayne Johnson told the Tampa Bay Times in a recent interview that the purpose of the Duck Dynasty-themed signs was to attract the attention of workers. "Featuring pop culture icons like Duck Dynasty on workplace identification products is a unique way for workers to connect with their company's safety program," Johnson said.


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