'Duck Dynasty' Star Lisa Robertson Reveals 14-Month Affair After Childhood Assault: 'I Want Survivors to Have Hope'

(Photo: YouTube / The Christian Broadcasting Network Screenshot)Alan and Lisa Robertson discuss their relationship with Duck Dynasty and the rest of the Robertson clan.

"Duck Dynasty" star Lisa Robertson revealed that childhood molestation led her to have a 14-month-long affair during her marriage to husband Alan. The two were eventually able to work through their pain and hurt and are now happily married.

"As a little girl, I had an extended family member who had major drug and alcohol problems," Lisa writes in The Women of Duck Commander. "Unfortunately, that person lived with my grandparents, so I had to see him often. Because I spent so much time at my grandparents' house, I was easy prey for him. My earliest memory of being molested was at the age of seven when he started to do things to me, things that made me feel bad and dirty."

Unfortunately, Lisa felt unable to tell anyone about her pain and suffering. The abuse lasted for seven years and caused her an unimaginable amount of grief and trauma.

"I don't remember how he threatened me (every abuser threatens) if I ever told anyone about it, but whatever he said worked … I never told my mom or my dad about the abuse," she added.

When she turned 14, Lisa found the strength to stand up to her abuser and told him that she was going to tell her father. She never did tell anyone, though, and later on married Alan. The two were seemingly happy, but Lisa still had issues relating to the childhood abuse.

"It was mentally damaging," she explained. "Being abused did something to the way I thought about myself and about men in general. It set into motion some unhealthy thought processes. I unconsciously began to believe my purpose in life was to please men. The affair lasted 14 months. Alan was devastated and eventually so was I."

The truth was eventually revealed, and Alan and Lisa worked together to reconcile and heal. It took a lot of prayer and honesty, but the couple is now happy with their marriage.

"I want all abuse survivors to know they have hope," Lisa concludes. "They can have hope for complete healing, hope for great relationships, and hope for a wonderful life, free from the lingering effects of the trauma they have suffered."

The Women of Duck Commander is out now.