Duck Dynasty Video Game Offers Fans Chance to Hunt with Robertson Clan

The popular Duck Dynasty franchise is branching out to the world of video games and just released their Duck Dynasty hunting video game.

"Duck Commander Plug N Play Hunting Video Game" is easy to use and does not require a gaming console or a computer, just a TV. The plastic pump-action gun plugs into the TV's A/V port and a sensor sits on top after turning the TV on the game is ready for playing.

Reviews of the game have been mostly positive with some comparing the game to the wildly popular 80's Nintendo game "Duck Hunter." The game offers three different game modes every one complete with various members of the cast appearing on screen and commenting on the player's shooting skills.

The first game play option users take aim at ducks that fly across the screen and tries to hit as many as possible while a time counts down. In the second mode users must shoot frogs three times before they make it into a hole on a golf course. During the third game play option users must shoot beavers as they race toward you and you lose points if they are able to catch you before you hit them.

While the graphics are something to be desired the feel of the game keeps with in line with a Robertson feel - old-timey, classic and wholesome fun. Some may say that it would not have felt right if the game was offered on of the newer gaming consoles complete with cutting edge graphics or a first-person shooter.

The game is also affordable, compared to new console games, and can be bought on for around $30 and given that users only need a TV this can be a great buy for any Dynasty fan.