Duct Tape Prom Dress? High School Senior Wears Dress Made From 25 Rolls of Duct Tape to Prom

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(Photo: YouTube/Rofl1CP Screen Shot)Here are the winners of the duct tape prom dress contest from 2010.

A duct tape prom dress and duct tape tux have been created by two college students in the hope that it would help them win an unusual contest that would offer them $5,000 towards their future college tuition.

Senior Amber Squires and her prom date Kody Britt created matching prom outfits made entirely from duct tape to their Green Sea Floyd High School prom last Thursday night.

The couple went through the effort of creating the unique outfits as part of their 9th grade art class project after their art teacher told them about the Stuck at Prom duck tape scholarship contest. The contest looked to award $5,000 to the best duct tape outfit, which would be judged according to workmanship, originality, accessories and use of color, according to ABC News.

The contest, which runs from March to June, would also give the winning school a similar amount of money. Winners will be announced in May, according to reports.

Squires has described that she started designing the prom dress about three months in advance of the big day. She started by going to a store and buying duct tape in the colors she liked.

"I'm a big cheetah fan," Squires told ABC News, about how she chose cheetah, blue and black tape. "I didn't really think about all of the colors of duct tape they had."

She confirmed that it took about 25 rolls of duct tape for her dress, and 15 rolls of duct tape for the prom tuxedo.

"I had arms full of duct tape and everyone was looking at me like I was crazy," she said.

Kody Britt weighed in, explaining that the duct tape tux was not the most comfortable item of clothing: "It was very uncomfortable. It was hot, it was like a sauna suit. But it was fun; I believe it was worth it."

Here is a video about the contest in 2010 showing some of the dresses created for the duct tape prom dress competition: