Duct-Taped Students Photo Surfaces on Facebook: Teacher to Lose Job? (VIDEO)

An Ohio teacher has been suspended and could face termination after posting a picture on her Facebook profile of students with duct tape over their mouths.

Melissa Cairns, a middle school math teacher at Buchtel Community Learning Center, has been placed on paid leave following an incident in which she is accused of duct taping her student's mouths. Cairns posted a photo of the incident on her personal Facebook with the caption: "Finally found a way to get them to be quiet!!!"

The school is a part of the Akron Public Schools Board of Education, which has given the teacher until Jan. 26 to respond to the allegations, according to The Akron Beacon Journal. Cairns was notified of the board's decision to seek termination on Jan. 14 and her next hearing will be on Jan. 28.

A friend and colleague of Cairns, who saw the photo posted on Facebook, brought the photo to the attention of the school principal. Cairns has been on paid leave since October, around the time the photo is believe to have been taken, a school spokesperson told Fox 4.

Cairns has been working within the district since 2007 and was moved to Firestone at Buchtel CLC in August after being placed on a Plan of Assistance, according to Akron Journal.

"The Akron Education Association is requesting a referee to step in, who will make a recommendation to the school board on the case," union president Jeff Moats said. It is unclear whether or not the incident was grounds enough to have Cairns fired.

Parents were notified of the incident, but it was also not made clear whether the duct tape was a punishment or a joke. In the photo, it appears that the students are willing participants.