Duggars '19 Kids and Counting': Jill Duggar and Family Back for Season 9 Premiere Soon, Controversy Addressed By Ben Seewald

Reuters/FileJim Bob and Michelle Duggar in a pro-life rally held in South Carolina January 2012

TLC's reality TV show "19 Kids and Counting" has been renewed for a ninth season installment which will premiere on Sept. 2, Tuesday. The show will run through November, according to reports.

The show will pick up from Jill Duggar's courtship and marriage with accountant Derrick Dillard. Highlights of the show will also include Jim and Michelle's celebration for their Pearl anniversary.

TLC also added about Josh and Anna's decision "to make a few changes in their own growing family." The couple had three children.

Meanwhile, Ben Seewald, boyfriend of Jessa Duggar, had recently been involved in controversy following his Facebook posts regarding Catholicism. The status garnered a lot of negative reactions both from those who are and aren't affiliated with the religion.

He voiced out his opinions about the sect's "deification of Mary as sinless being" and the whole idea of salvation entrusted to other people besides Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, Venture Capital Post recently reported Seewald's effort to explain himself from last week's social media ruckus. The TV personality started his statement with, "I have a confession to make. I AM A CRIMINAL."

The report also said about how Seewald went through the 10 commandments listed in the Christian Bible.

"There I was. Speeding towards destruction; the weight of my guilt pulling me down to the pits of hell; a criminal towards God and justly sentenced -- my own actions condemning me," as posted on Seewald's page.

Nevertheless, offended parties were still disappointed for not having read Seewald's concrete statement of apology. He said that he found forgiveness through Jesus.