Dunkin Donuts Coffee Claim Fuels Feud: Who Has Best Coffee in US?

A coffee battle has ensued after Dunkin Donuts attempt to copyright the phrase, "Best Coffee in the U.S." So who really has the best coffee?

Not surprisingly, based on customer review via a Zagat survey, Starbucks was chosen as the number one place to get fueled up on java. Dunkin Donuts actually fell in second, with McDonalds coming in at third place.

But does Starbucks really have the best coffee and is there really a big difference between the brews that the green mermaid and the donut man are handing out? Perhaps not, if your idea of coffee consists of a regular pot of joe. Both companies use Arabica beans, which have been deemed as the better quality of bean over Robusta beans, and they generally cost more money too. On the other hand, Robusta beans have more caffeine, which means that the local deli coffee may offer a quicker wake up call.

But not all users agreed that Starbucks had the best coffee. Some said Dunkin's was spot on while others argued that neither brew was up to par.

"Well, it is NOT the best coffee anyway," one user said of Dunkin Donuts on the Huffington Post wall. "Who ever thought of that one has no idea what a good cup of coffee is...and please do not mention starbucks - its just as bad."

"People that prefer Duncan [sic] Donuts coffee clearly have never tasted a good cup of coffee. Coffee flavored dishwater doesn't cut it," another user added.

Some were skeptical about paying out extra money for coffee in the first place, stating that Folgers or Maxwell was the way to go.

Dunkin Donuts attempted to file a U.S. patent in order to coin the phrase "Best Coffee in America" but was denied on the grounds that the "informational slogan is nothing more than a claim of superiority."